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If you are concerned about ever-increasing car insurance premiums Telematics Insurance might be the right way for you to go. Telematics is also known as "black box insurance" and derives from the black boxes installed on aircraft. In the event of an aircraft accident or crash the black box gives investigators immense detail of how the aircraft was performing in the moments up to the accident. The same technology has now been developed for use in your car.

In essence a black box - a device about the same size as a mobile phone - is installed in your car. This then sends continuous information to your insurance company about your driving. The result is that, if you are a careful driver and do not drive at high risk times, such as during the school run or after midnight, your insurance company can reward you with lower premiums.

The advantages of Telematics are immediately obvious. For example if you are a young driver in the age bracket 20 - 24 you are at present automatically classed as "high risk". Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton were racing Formula 1 cars at that age but would be classed as "high risk" on public roads! With Telematics your insurance company can see how you drive, when you drive and where you drive and charge premiums accordingly regardless of your age or other circumstances.

So what does the black box do? Not only does it tell your insurers where you are or for how long you have been on the road, it also measures acceleration, braking, cornering, timing and speed among other things. It tells them how well (or badly) you drive. You might, for example, be in a high risk age bracket and get tarred with the same brush as everyone else that age. However, the black box will tell your insurers if you are a safe driver and they will reduce your premiums accordingly.

You can also have a display on your dashboard that tells you how well you are doing and you can alter your driving habits in order to reduce your premium. You can even go online to look at your personal driving history and monitor how your insurer is using the information to calculate your premium. There is one insurer who will let you use the black box for just six months and then dispense with it, having obtained sufficient information about you to calculate future premiums.

In the US, insurers are tending to look at how long you are actually on the road, although in Britain they are more concerned with your driving skills.

Some people only use their cars infrequently and do little mileage. If this is you then you stand to benefit; why pay the same premium as someone who does 50,000 miles a year if you only do 5,000? It's a pretty obvious conclusion that they are at ten times the risk of having an accident as you are.

Another benefit is that your insurers can tell if you are standing in a queue of rush hour traffic or involved in an accident. The black box immediately alerts your insurers of a sudden change in g-forces. Since the box can also be used as a mobile phone they can call you to check if you are OK and alert emergency services if necessary.

If your car should be stolen, the GPS tracking can alert the police. More than 97% of stolen vehicles fitted with Telematics have been recovered within one hour. However, if location tracking is a concern because of privacy issues many insurers will allow that part of the system to be switched off.

Certainly some drivers may feel uncomfortable having "Big Brother" looking over their shoulder at all times and if you fall into that group then you may not wish to take advantage of the many benefits. However, if you are a safe and careful driver you have nothing to worry about and only lower premiums to gain.

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Black box insurance is booming within the young driver environment. It is rewarding safer drivers and making the roads safer. People no longer have to subsidise the reckless driving habits of others and will pay how they drive. This pay as you drive insurance is set to grow exponentially over the next few years and will take advantage of advanced telematics technology to transmit your driving data from your car to your insurer.

The black box will be installed into your car at no extra cost and this will then track your driving habits. The things it tracks are braking, cornering, speed, acceleration, your vehicles location and the types of roads you drive on. This will give the insurer a broader picture of how you drive and will allow them to adjust your policy amount accordingly. Safe drivers should be able to save money on their premiums as they will no longer have to pay for dangerous or bad drivers.